AMANDA SHI is a trailblazing designer who launched AVITA to create glamorous fashions that uses sustainable materials as a way of maintaining a respect for the environment. Amanda has always considered fashion her most enduring passion. After designing for other lines, Amanda decided to launch her own label in 2003 with an initial collection of twenty-five styles. Avita's success was immediate as buyers, fashion industry insiders and shoppers were equally captivated by the collection’s progressive style, luxury and inimitable glamour. Her main source of inspiration remains nature itself, drawing on its rich palette for colors and materials. She introduced bamboo into Avita and drew attention to a remarkably soft and fabulous fabric as a natural and superior alternative. Bamboo as a material is not only an organic resource but it also works well with how Amanda creates body-fitting silhouettes. Amanda's fashion sensibility has made Avita a consistent bestseller while she continues to address the pressing issue of environmental consciousness. The demand for the line has increased so dramatically from the first collection that Amanda stepped up the brand by opening the first flagship store - Avita Co-Op - in hip West Hollywood, CA. Looking ahead, Amanda is certain that fashion will continue to evolve to promote not only a liberating sense of self expression but a healthy respect for the resources of the planet. She says, "Avita is about a lifestyle that celebrates fashion while reminding us that we can all do something about preserving our environment for generations to come."