The founder of #1 super sound station  He has crafted the acclaimed "dublab presents" compilation series with one hand tied behind his back and both ears wide open.  Along with Daedelus, frosty forms the cut and paste super group Adventure Time.  frosty has brought his chilling thrilling sounds to lovely corners across the US, Europe and Asia and was selected as best electronic dj in Los Angeles by the LA Weekly in 2005. frosty urges you to come hear more strange history in the making.

LA's most daring new artists wears a buzzing halo. This young musical romantic weaves together a true "love-sound" that falls between honeyed melody and avant-electronics. Daedelus chops and splices disparate acoustic sources into incredible works of staggering resonance. His production style is very unique; it has a precise impact that will make you wonder if you’re dreaming or dancing. Caught between myth and reality, past and future, Daedelus produces sonic mazes from a studio deep within Santa Monica, California. Crafting waxen wings from his background in live instruments, a young Daedelus began noodling bass clarinet notes, and soon graduated into the covenant of double-bass. After an ill-fated affair pondering classical and jazz, rave paved the way, and a burgeoning record collection fueled Daedelus’ artistic creativity, preparing the path to his first full length release, Invention. Inspired by 30’s, 40’s and 70’s grooves, and defying genres such as downtempo and hip-hop, Daedelus gradually begins to venture into the L.A. afterdark. The music on "Invention" combines multiple instruments, including non-traditional ones such as computer printers, toy pianos, and the techno harp known as the Omnichord. Daedelus invites local MC talents Busdriver and Sach to flow over the masterful bonus versions of "Quiet Now" and "Pursed Lips Reply." Invention unfolds in dynamic ranges of emotion. Open your ears to Daedelus’ world of musical tinkering and you’ll be walking faster, seeing clearer, and feeling deeper.

Daedelus is also preparing to release an e.p. working-titled "Melody Intro" on Scott Herren’s Eastern Developments imprint and producing the next "The Weather" album for Mush Recordings. Daedelus is now found pouring lighter fluid on the turntables at, fretting endlessly over his live set, and generally thinking in threes and fours.

Mia has developed a strong fan base from touring the US and Europe constantly, at times doing solo shows and at times with the likes of Folk Implosion and Alaska! Along with touring, she keeps herself busy with musical collaborations with Dntel, Beachwood Sparks, DJ Nobody, Adventure Time, Folk Implosion, The Mission, Saul Williams and more. When Mia first began as an artist, she would write songs about nature, first loves, heartbreaks and she discovered her role as a bard, a folksinger, in the traditions of William Blake, Joni Mitchell, Leonard Cohen, Nico, Caetano Veloso and Sinead O'Connor. On Manzanita, she shows how she's grown as a songwriter and a singer and one that will continue to grow. She describes her process of writing a song, "with my guitar or at the piano, I find a pattern I like and then I stare at the wall until the melody and the lyrics appear. When the song reaches its Platonic ideal, I congratulate it and let it be."

Producer/composer Carlos Nino, vocalist/keyboardist/composer Gaby Hernandez and multi-instrumentalist/composer Andres Renteria have been working together over the last 7 years on a variety of live and recording projects by Ammoncontact, Build An Ark and The Life Force Trio. In addition to these groups, Nino, Hernandez and Renteria work with multiple ensembles of varying sizes and instrumentation. Together they'll be playing music from Carlos y Gaby LA VOZ SABIA DE LOS COSMOS (Alpha Pup, October16, 2007) and new music that they're developing for Gaby's debut solo release. Expect to hear world rhtythms and spacey sounds with nature sounds, field recordings and keyboard trios.

Born Elvin Estrela, the boy who would become producer Nobody grew up  in Los Angeles, exchanging hip-hop mixtapes with his friends in high  school, hanging out at the Good Life Café, and listening to a lot of  different music, from rap to '60s psychedelia to electronica, all of  which influenced him later on. As an artist he chose to focus on using samples to create his own work, and in 2000 his full-length debut,  Soulmates, which featured MCs like Abstract Rude and 2Mex, among  others, came out on Ubiquity. Three years later, Pacific Drift: Western Water Music, Vol. 1, which used singers instead of rappers, was released, and after a move to Plug Research, a label on which  Nobody felt more at home creatively, And Everything Else... hit  shelves in 2005. The next year, Revisions Revisions, a collection of  his remixes between 2000 and 2005 for artists such as the Free Design, Busdriver, and the Postal Service, came out.

DJ Hoseh, twelve year host of Heasdspace, on KXLU 88.9FM, Thursday nights, 8-10pm. Headspace is the only radio program of its kind in Los Angeles, focusing on experimental electronics and techno(logical) textures. Headspace has hosted/interviewed such artists as Autechre, Dntel, John Tejada, Thomas Fehlmann, Kit Clayton, and many others internationally and locally recognized for their explorations in electronics. DJ Hoseh is also founder of VERSION, a series of events that has travelled throught Los Angeles venues for the past eight years. The aim of these productions being to promote up and coming artists, be it DJs or live acts.There are no categories for VERSION, just quality music. Past artists that have participated include Stars of the Lid, Beachwood Sparks, Sutekh, Mia Doi Todd, and AGF; spanning all genres. DJ Hoseh regularly DJs around town and in the past has opened for such acts as Lee Perry, the Orb, Pole, Kid 606, Anti-Pop Consortium, and countless other local and international acts; his style never focused on one particular sound, but encompassing the broad palette of  releases from then, now and to come. Hoseh is a proud member of the and KXLU 88.9 FM collectives.